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Tips On Active Listening


Active listening is very important in communication. It makes the person you are listening to, to feel valued. There are various active listen tips. To start with, take note of the body language. Pay attention to what the other person is saying with their expression, voice intonation, and gestures. This will help you a lot in understanding what the person is saying.


Never interrupt someone when he or she is talking to you. Give the person time to express him or herself. Interruptions can give an impression that you don't have time to listen to what you are being told. Allowing the other person to speak helps you in understanding their message.


Avoid being judgmental or jumping into conclusions when listening. If you start reacting to everything that you are being told, it will hinder you from listening to what is to be said next. Try as much as possible to practice non-judgementalism when listening to a person.


Show the person who is speaking to you that you are listening. You can use body language such as nodding your head as this will encourage the speaker to continue talking. Don't do anything that you suggest that you are not interested in what the speaker has to say since this can be very discouraging. Maintain a good position when listening to avoid distraction.  Know about effective communication in the workplace here!


Avoiding giving your opinions or solutions to the speaker. At times people want to be listened to but not to be given solutions to their problems. It is best when a solution comes from the speaker. You can only give your opinions or solutions only if the speaker asks for your help. If you must share your solutions, ensure that you first ask the speaker if he or she wants to hear the solutions.


Stay as focused as possible when listening. Try to avoid distractions when listening to a person. Ask relevant questions since this will show the speaker that you have been listening and will also help in clarifying what has been said. Make use of open-ended question as a way of clarifying what the person talking to you said. See this video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=isMpyCkKuDU for more info about listening.


You can repeat what the speaker has said to show that you understand. This shows the speaker that you are listening and it gives the speaker a chance to correct you if you haven't understood properly. If you want to become an active listener, you have to keep on practicing until you perfect your listening skills. Get coaching certificate here!